What is Dreamscaping?

Dreamscaping is a completely content free technique that uses the clients own imagination to create visual imagery to resolve their own issues in whatever way is most appropriate to them. Because its led by them it becomes much more powerful than any metaphors or analogies we could create. The day is split into three sections. Basic Storytelling, Inner Journeys, and Interactive Lucid Dreaming. It is a fun day of learning and you will find many issues you may have will resolve themselves during the day.

Basic Storytelling

This is an exercise session designed to free your mind into a different way of working. Dreamscaping is a fun, fluid and unpredictable method, and you need to be able to trust your unconscious to follow any twists and turns within the session with a client. During the training you will run through a few exercises together with the suggestion to practice after to get better at it.

Inner Journeys

This part of the training explains how to run an Inner Journey. These are suitable for 1-2-1 sessions and group sessions, and can help to resolve many issues. During the session, you'll all experience an Inner Journey first, then the dynamics and way to conduct them will be explained.

Interactive Lucid Dreaming

During this session you will learn how to instigate and run an Interactive Lucid Dream. This is a 1-2-1 client session, and will allow them to create their own metaphors and analogies within a dreamworld that really resonate with them to resolve any issues. It is completely content free, the operator needs no prior knowledge of the problem. During the training all delegates will be encouraged to be the client and the operator for practise.

The training is a full day event, where you will get to learn the process and practice with each other.

After the training, you will become a member of a dedicated private Facebook group where you can discuss sessions, ask advice and receive ongoing support.

If you'd like to attend the training and learn to run Dreamscaping to help others with many different issues, check the dates below and book on. 

Friday 11th May 2018

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