The T.I.M.E. Protocol

The T.I.M.E. Protocol (Total Integrated Mind Enhancement) has been developed to be a Belts and Braces type of therapy that will be highly effective for almost every situation or issue. It brings in elements of lots of different techniques into one flowing narrative that the client can follow and enjoy. It also brings in a carefully timed process of trance cycles to allow the most effective changes to be made at the right times.

The sessions are intensive, lasting 2-3 hours. The client will be unaware of the time due to the trance levels, but it will be a long process for the therapist. I would advise only the best and most dedicated therapists to undergo this training.

The training is as intensive as the actual therapy. The trainees will undergo an initial "activation" session in the group, where anything that might prevent the process can be cleared.

There will then be condensed training on each of the individual elements of the protocol, designed to give the delegate an overview of what each element does in its place.

This is followed by working through the full protocol breaking each element down, and its level of trance and effectiveness. Finally we see how it all fits together, and how it could be adapted suit individual clients.

Training and Booking

Friday 16th June-Friday 22nd June
To celebrate the Launch of T.I.M.E. we are offering the training for any of these days for only £149 (usual price £299)